Moen kitchen faucets – Although Moen plumbing products are very popular for their durability and reliability. They‘re still subject to dripping or leaking, just like all other brands. More frequently using the Moen brand, the issue is caused using a worn out kitchen faucet cartridge.

If you‘re having this sort of problem and you also happen to become a do-it-yourself type of individual, then you are able to definitely fix the matter without having to consult knowledgeable. Simultaneously, you will save money.

Before you begin using the fixing procedure though, you‘ve to ensure that you‘ve all of the things you‘ll need available. You don‘t need to become half way through after which realize you do not have the ideal screwdriver or replacement part available can you?

Removing & Replacing Moen Kitchen Faucets

Okay, therefore here will be the things you‘ll need:

– The replacement cartridge in fact – this offered by your local home improvement shop. Since there will be four different Moen fixture parts such as this, you have to eliminate the old one along with you when you want to the shop therefore the salesperson can provide you with the ideal kind

– A set of two slip-joint or channel lock pliers

– A crescent wrench

– A little flathead screwdriver

– A Phillips screwdriver

How will you remove and replace this section of the fixture?

  1. Cut off water supply.
  2. By using the flathead screwdriver, remove the cap upon the fixture handle
  3. Next utilize the Phillips screwdriver to remove the retaining screw coming from the handle. Remove the handle.
  4. Utilize the crescent wrench or your pliers to remove the keeper ring.
  5. Remove the old cartridge. You‘ll possess some difficulty accomplishing this as it‘s snuggly to fit upon the fixture. So utilize the small flathead screwdriver. Thus to create a little space then use your pliers to pull it straight up.
  6. Install the replacement part. The section of the fixture you‘re replacing includes a tooth which goes to some slot upon the assembly. This component cannot use other way.
  7. Restore the keeper ring after which the fixture’s handle and cap.
  8. Turn water supply on.

Extra Tips

Some important points when replacing a kitchen faucet cartridge to the Moen brand fixture:

– If some parts are stagnant together, make use of a spray lubricant to obtain them moving again

– Just in case you do not have a little screwdriver. You are able to improvise and utilize other tools or any other edge rigid metal implements

– You might not need to replace this component upon the cold water side. As it‘s just the hot water side that usually ends up having one of these part damage or wear out.