What to put around a fire pit? Anything that you like and also possible to make the better outdoor is pourable. If you are love with natural look and feel, pea gravel fire pit can really become the most fabulous idea. Do it yourself gravel fire pit area has been a popular way. It is in how to enhance outdoor backyard of home. What kind of gravel and also how to build it, these are most common considerations.

Pea Gravel Fire Pit Tips

Whether backyard, patio, garden or pool side, you can use pea gravel around the fit. In order to create unique texture, it is nice to combine pea gravel size. And also larger pieces of river gravel. You can also put pea gravels in the bottom.

Wood burning is the most common fuel for pea gravel fire pit. It is wise to make a safe distance between the fire pit and seating area. There should be no flammable materials like grasses, bushes and others. Brick, stone, rock or concrete, pea gravel can blend with the outdoor atmosphere very well. It depends on your preference to build unique focal point.

Space availability determines shape and size of the fire pit. When it comes to seating area, it is also a very considerable element. Adirondack chairs are awesome to feature comfort and also relaxation. Wood is excellent for some versatility. Concrete benches are also nice for some simple seating. Curve benches that surround the fire pit offer extra warmth. And also intimate atmosphere for everyone when gathering. Cushions will just add extra comfort.

Do you love to gather, cook and eat? It is okay with a pea gravel fire pit. Grates come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Barbecuing, grilling and having dinner together can increase the value of the outdoor. This is an investment that worth building time, effort and cost.

For some inspirations to build fire pit gravel area, we show pictures on gallery.